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Jasmine Candles (illuminarys)

Sold Out                             $145

Our candles are stunning, Jasmine scented in a rich bee wax color. These rare candles burn down the middle creating an luminary.The burn time is from 120 hours to 150 hours. The candle shell will last forever, by inserting a drippless votive or gel candle the luminary will burn eternally.

The Stallion candle is bold and strong. Burning for 120 hours this 7"x7" candle will delight the horse lover on your gift list. Priced at $90.00. The acrylic stand is outlined with horse shoes and clovers, priced at $45.00.

The wick burns down the center of these beautiful candles creating an luminary effect. The glow from the wick highlights the relief producing a magical illumination. Our Angel candles come in two styles, one as shown and the other with cherubs on each side of the angel. All other styling on the candle is the same as shown. Candle are 5"x8" in size with the delicate sent of Jasmine, burn time is 150 hours. The color is represented correctly in this picture. These candles are priced at $75.00, .The frosted arcylic base is priced at $35.00. The Angel candle also comes in an 7.5"x15" size, the impressive dimensions of this architectural piece demands a special place for presentation. Priced at $350.00, burn time is 280 hours, on Sale now for $250.00.

Angle/acrylic stand         $100.00

Lotus, Rose & Jasmine styles

From left to right the first candle displayed is the Lotus Stem. Jasmine scented and burning for 85 hours this 4"x8" candle will create a Zin consciousness in any room, $60.00. Sorry Sold out.

Stephanotis candle is a column style with rows of Jasmine flowers. The candle is 5"x8" and burns for 150 hours. This is a great candle for weddings or anniversary's, $75.00, on Sale now for $60.00. 

The Rose set is sweet and romantic. The large rose is 4 1/2"x4 1/4" burning 10 to 12 hours and the two small roses are 3"x3", burning 3 to 5 hours the set is priced at $50.00. If you know a rose lover this is the gift for them. This set makes a unusual unity candle for weddings.