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Red Roses and Color Roses

The red and colored roses you're buying are fragrance free because years of breeding have sacrificed the beloved scent.

1 Orchids $  6 Roses    $150  large Red Roses $79.95 Bi-colored rose                  $100.00

Most of the red roses and colored roses shown are long stemmed South American. The Roses come in the most exotic colors and bi-color combinations. The stems are long and straight and up to 1/2 inch thick. These roses will impress the most discriminating recipient.

Diffrent dozen                    $100.00 Bi-colored roses & alstro  $100.00 Orchids & roses & callas $150.00

Vase life on all Moon Doggie Gardens roses are extraordinary. Roses are ordered when you call so that they arrive at their destination in the freshest possible condition. This adds days to the enjoyment of the arrangement.