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Fresh Cut Flower Arrangements

Fresh flowers are ordered from the local markets and growers once you place your order.  Using seasonal varieties and unique sources insures a longer lasting bouquet. Cutting the rich flora right here in Evergreen at Moon Doggie Gardensand the surrounding area enhances the arrangements with Berry's, twigs, sage, yarrow, blossoming branches, mosses and other woodland treats.



Best of the Best             $149.00 Mix Pave                       $89.00 Tropical Mix          $155.00

Upgrading the container for your flowers will add a lasting impression. Take a look a the some of the vases we offer.

Colorfull Tropical    $150.00 Compact                        $109.95 Peach            $125.00

Create a smile with flowers. Change your mood, brighten your day. Nothing will do this quicker than fresh flowers. Always give the very best, give Moon Doggie Garden Flowers.